What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

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As summer approaches, bringing with it longer days and warmer temperatures, many in our state choose to enjoy the season by getting on the back of their motorcycle. In fact, more than 4000,000 drivers licensed in the state of North Carolina have a motorcycle endorsement. [1]

As any motorcyclist knows, safety on the roads is a major concern. In 2012, 3,666 motorcyclists were injured and 160 motorcyclists were killed. [2] When an accident occurs there are several factors and details that are important to consider in pursuing a case.

First, knowing what protective gear the rider wore is highly relevant. The color, size, weight and amount of safety gear worn help to show the rider was safe and considered his bodily protection important.

Second, it is important to obtain accurate information regarding the bike specifications and any changes or alterations made to the bike. A picture of the bike before and after the accident is critical to obtain in order to assess damage and causal factors. Also, being able to show that lights and blinkers were working properly is a great help.

Third, medical records of all injuries sustained by the motorcyclist are a crucial piece in determining what happened and being able to explain that to a jury. The location and severity of injuries can indicate the sequence of events as well as where contact with the bike occurred.

As travel increases over the next few months it is important for drivers and riders to be as safe as possible. Riders - remember to wear a helmet and be visible at all times. Drivers - share the road, stay alert and keep a safe distance when following a motorcycle.

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