Help When Business Partners Fall Apart

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Managing a business is challenging in the best of circumstances, but when the owners of the business disagree it can be fatal for the business itself. When two or more people join together to run a business they are either categorized as business partners in a legal partnership, co-members of a LLC, or shareholders in a closely held corporation. For simplification, when discussing partnership disputes we are referring to all forms of business ownerships.

In most cases, business partners in North Carolina owe the other owners a duty of loyalty, good faith and fair dealing, and fundamental fairness when operating the business. This is typically referred to as a fiduciary duty. Partnership disputes arise when an owner breaches his or her duties to the other owners. Some examples may include engaging in competing activities or misappropriating business funds or property.

Miller Law Firm has represented countless individuals and businesses in partnership disputes in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. Although we always attempt to resolve disputes as economically as possible through negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration, we will not hesitate to resolve the dispute in court if necessary. If you or your business has experienced a partnership dispute, please contact our firm for a free initial consultation.