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Dogs are a loving family pet in many homes throughout North Carolina. Unfortunately, however, being attacked or bitten by a dog is a common occurrence. In Raleigh, and throughout North Carolina, half of all dog bites involve children, especially those under the age of nine. The result of a dog bite can include expensive medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress and often scarring and disfigurement. The owners of the dog are often responsible if they allow their dog to roam in violation of state leash laws.

In North Carolina, dog owners are allowed the "one free bite" rule. The "one free bite" rule means that owners of dogs are generally not held accountable until the dog demonstrates a propensity of violence or the owner knew or should have known that the dog has bitten someone in the past.

Once the dog has bitten an individual in the past, the homeowner becomes strictly liable for the next bite. The "one free bite" rule, however, does not apply to inherently dangerous breeds. Some breeds which are considered inherently dangerous in the state include Rottweilers and Pit Bulls.

Miller Law Firm, PLLC, has represented numerous families and individuals that were victims of dog bites. In most cases, our firm has been successful bringing action against the homeowner's insurance policy of the individual who owns the dog. If you have any questions are would like a free consultation, please contact our firm at 919-348-4361.