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North Carolina workplace accident leaves one injured

Some occupations are inherently dangerous. Police officers often confront dangerous individuals, firefighters risk everything when rushing into burning buildings and construction workers often perform their duties at excessive heights and near swiftly moving traffic. Yet, one does not have to work in one of these high-risk professions to be in danger of suffering an on-the-job injury. As a matter of fact, it doesn't matter in which field a person works or where a person is while working. Danger can almost always find a way to present itself.

To see an example, our readers need only look to a recent workplace accident in Durham that left a construction worker with serious injuries. The worker was using a portable toilet when a beam fell from five stories up, crushing him. The man was immediately rushed to the hospital. Durham police indicated that the man's injuries were critical. The company for which the man works has been hit with six serious safety violations in the last decade, three of which resulted in worker deaths. This most recent accident is now under state investigation.

What is drowsy driving and how dangerous is it?

Whether it's during an early morning commute to work, rush hour traffic after work, driving for work, heading to the store or traveling at night after a late night out, motorists encounter other drivers traveling for all different reasons. Not everyone is on a "9-to-5" schedule, making some drivers more awake and alert than others. Although we all get tired some times, driving while tired is a dangerous situation. In fact drowsy driving could be the cause of a serious or even fatal accident.

What is drowsy driving and how dangerous is it? Drowsy driving is considered to be a form of distracted driving because the driver's cognitive resources are directed away from the primary task of driving. It is estimated that roughly 21 percent of fatal crashes occurring in the U.S. are due to drowsy driving.

Meet Miller Law Firm: Tina Funke

Miller Law Firm.jpgTina Funke is one of the first employees of Miller Law Firm and you'll be pressed to find a better legal assistant than her. In the office, Tina is known for her constant willingness to help out and her ability to crack a joke in any situation. Out of the office, Tina is an awesome mom with a bit of a nomadic streak...

The weight of a truck and the rate of truck accidents

For many motorists in North Carolina and other states across the nation, traveling next to a large truck is no big deal. However, for other drivers, this can be a nerve-wrecking event. Large trucks, such as semi-truck and tractor-trailer trucks, can seem unpredictable. Truck drivers have limited visibility and, when a smaller vehicle is in their blind spot, this could put a motorist at risk. Additionally, these large trucks do not maneuver the same way as smaller vehicles and they do not stop as quickly and as safely as smaller vehicles either. Thus, if a truck driver is not properly trained or complying with federal trucking regulations, this could result in a serious and even fatal truck collision.

With the rate of fatal accidents climbing over the past year, it is unnerving to hear that the trucking industry seeks approval for new trucks to be even heavier. While Congress has rejected this request several times in the past, there is a concern that an approval could happen in the future.

Latasia Fields: Recipient of the Miller Advocacy for Justice Award

Miller Law Firm is thrilled to announce the recipient for the Miller Advocacy for Justice Award. Congratulations to Latasia Fields for her continuous community involvement and commitment to justice.

Wake County deputy injured in crash involving his cruiser

There is no reason for a driver to disobey the rules on the road. All drivers have the duty to drive safely. If drivers fail to uphold this duty by speeding, partaking in distractive activities or driving while intoxicated, this could result in a serious or even fatal accident.

According to recent reports, a Wake County deputy was involved in a car accident when his cruiser was in a collision with another vehicle. The crash occurred at the intersection of North Carolina Highway 42 and Mount Pleasant Road around 7:30 p.m.

Helping you hold a negligent driver accountable for an accident

It is difficult to imagine a day, a week or a month where we don't use a personal motor vehicle. While public transportation can be resourceful, we live in a society that heavily relies on their personal vehicles. Because of that, the roadways are consistently filled with motor vehicles of different sizes, models and ages. While all motorists have to be licensed and aware of the rules of the road, this does not mean that they all uphold their duty to follow the rules and drive safely. Thus, the negligence and recklessness of a motorist can be the cause of a serious and even fatal automobile collision.

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle or enter a vehicle as a passenger, the last thing on your mind is that you will be in an accident. Therefore, accident victims are shocked by the fact that they were just involved in a crash and are overwhelmed by the aftermath of the accident. At the Miller Law Firm, PLLC, our skilled legal team is aware that a car accident can significantly alter the lives of victims. A serious injury, damaged personal property and overwhelming medical bills can simply turn a person's life upside down. Our goal is to give our North Carolina clients a positive perspective, helping them understand their rights and options.

How common is distracted driving?

For most motorists, it is difficult to get by without some form of technology in the vehicle. This is especially true if a person is driving a newer vehicle or owns a smartphone. Although it is dangerous to use a phone while operating a vehicle, many motorists cannot help themselves. Cell phone usage is the most common culprit of distracted driving today, causing a higher risk of accident involvement for these motorists. However, distracted driving not only puts a driver and their passengers at risk, but also risks the lives of other travelers on the roadway. Because of that, many efforts are made to reduce these types of motor vehicle accidents.

How common is distracted driving? According to current data, roughly one in every four drivers involved in a crash was using a cell phone a minute before the accident occurred. This study also found that distracted driving occurred during 52 percent of the trips that ended in a collision. These dangerous habits are not only concerning for other motorists on the road, but also for cyclists and pedestrians traveling nearby.

Taking action against unsafe work conditions

Whether you have been employed for a long time or not, employees in North Carolina and elsewhere expect certain level of care and consideration in the work environment. In other words, employees assume that they are working under safe working conditions in a safe work environment; however, this is not always the case. No matter the industry, ad employee could encounter unsafe work conditions.

When an employee believes that they are working in an unsafe work environment or under unsafe work conditions, it is important to take steps to correct this matter. This might look like filing a complaint, talking to your employer or even reporting violations to the state or federal government.

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