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June 2016 Archives

The White House on Non-Compete Prevalence and Enforceability

Non-compete agreements are often used by businesses to ensure that they can share trade secrets with their workers without fear of those workers being able to leave and distribute such information to their market competitors. If a business were to lose all of its valuable trade secrets (i.e., secrets about the way they conduct business or create products, as well as guarded confidential information like certain types of customer lists and customer information), it would lose its competitive edge in the marketplace. Non-competes have also been traditionally used so that businesses feel comfortable investing in the training and development of its employees, not fearing that they will invest only to have employees leave for another job without seeing a return on that investment.

1 killed in accident caused by alleged drunk driver

When drivers aren't paying attention to the road or get behind the wheel while intoxicated, they put everyone else, as well as themselves, at risk of injuries or death. When you're in a collision caused by one of these drivers, you can work with your attorney to file a personal injury claim for your lost wages, medical costs and other financial losses.

Surface Water: What Are Your Rights and Responsibilities

A common problem encountered by homeowners and owners of commercial properties alike is the runoff and drainage from surface waters. As a property owner in North Carolina, you are allowed a decent amount of leeway in how you would like to use your property, provided that it is unencumbered by easements, licenses, or other usage or zoning restrictions. However, you do have certain obligations to your neighbors, including obligations regarding the drainage of surface waters.

Truck Accidents Caused by Poorly Maintained Brakes

North Carolina's major highways serve as popular routes for many large trucking companies traveling along the east coast. While this encourages a healthy, thriving state economy, the high volume of commercial truck traffic can be dangerous to other drivers.

What to do when you're in a crash in North Carolina

If you're involved in an auto accident, do you know what to do? Your initial thoughts may not be to consider what is legal or not; you may be worrying about your own health and well-being, and that's what you should do. However, if you're not badly injured, there are some steps you should take.

Lien Protections for Contractors

What happens when you aren't paid for work you've already performed? If you're a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier to a building project, you have several options open to you. The main tool used by builders, suppliers, and designers is the lien on real property or lien on funds. A lien on real property is essentially a claim made by someone who has made improvements on property that they have not been paid, and therefore they have a right to a portion of the value of the property that is equal to the work that they put in to improve the property. For instance, if contractor has supplied materials and installed them on a building project, and their material and labor expenditures were $20,000, and they were unpaid for the work that they performed, they could file a lien on that property entitling them to $20,000 worth of value in that property. If subcontractors are not paid by the General Contractor, the process is similar but a lien is filed on the funds that the General Contractor receives for the work of the subcontractor.

Driver kills 1, critically injures 2 when texting while driving.

In recent years, texting while driving has become one of the most predominant causes of vehicular crashes across the United States. North Carolina is 1 of 46 states that prohibit text messaging for all drivers.[1]

Problems with Contractors for Home Repairs or Renovations?

Have you encountered a problem with your contractor based on the quality of their workmanship or their breach of your agreement? When homeowners feel out of their depth, many times they hire the help of a contractor to perform renovation or repair work on their homes. However, what happens when something goes wrong? If a dispute arises between you and your contractor, it usually arises out of several common reasons: lack of quality workmanship, delays, results that are not in accordance with agreed upon plans, defective installations, or disagreements over the terms of the contract.

Are work zone accidents often transportation related?

Highway work zone safety is an important part of preventing accidents, injuries and deaths. Preventing worker injuries can mean fewer lost lives and more work days saved, which means there is better productivity and safer roads for everyone.

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