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July 2016 Archives

Heat illnesses in the workplace and the dangers to workers

Heat-related illnesses are a very real and serious thing. They can be life-threatening or deadly in worst-case scenarios. The real tragedy is that in most cases, these injuries and deaths can be completely avoided simply by providing workers with a way to cool down, water to prevent dehydration, and frequent breaks.

What Does 'Wind Up' Mean for a Partnership?

Partnerships are a longstanding method by which people come together to create a business in which all of the partners are owners of the business. In North Carolina, partnership is defined under the Uniform Partnership Act (UPA) as "an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners a business for profit."1 Partners are co-owners to the extent that they share in the liabilities and profits of the partnership, but they often have an equal share in the voting and management of the partnership business. So, what happens when a partnership goes awry, and one or more partners decide they would like to leave the partnership?

Wearing a helmet: Reducing injuries and costs to society

Universal motorcycle helmet laws aren't in place in the United States yet, but they could impact the country significantly. Helmet laws reduce the public payout associated with motorcycle accidents. It's a fact that riders who don't wear a helmet are more likely to require some kind of money from public assistance to pay for rehabilitation and medical bills after a crash. Additionally, they spend longer in rehabilitation and cost more to treat.

Worker falls from bridge above Gallants Channel

Construction is a dangerous field. The days in the summer are hot, and that can lead to dehydration and other concerns. Sudden weather changes, safety hazards and other issues can also affect your ability to do your job safely.

Contract and Debt Assignment

A recent case from the North Carolina Court of Appeals demonstrates the importance of being mindful of what you sign. In Caron Associates v. Southside Manufacturing Corp., a buyer had an agreement with a cabinet maker for the creation and delivery of cabinets for a school. The buyer, Caron,  was to install the cabinets at Bertie County High School, and contracted with Southside Manufacturing for the cabinets to be delivered in November 2013. Caron was to pay Southside 30 days after the cabinets were delivered. There was a delay, and Caron agreed to accept delivery of the cabinets in December 2013. However, before the cabinets were delivered, Southside sent an invoice to Caron for $45,000 for the work that was in progress. Caron rejected the invoice, noting that their contract stated that they were only responsible for payment after the completed cabinets were delivered. On the same day, December 9, 2013, Southside sold their accounts receivable, i.e. their right to receive payment from Caron, to Crown Financial, LLC.

You deserve compensation after a coal mining accident

Coal mining accidents can seem like a relic of the past, but they still happen today. There are many causes for these accidents, from methane explosions to collapses, burns and falls. There are a number of dangers that miners know they'll be exposed to, but the failure to provide the right equipment, to train miners adequately and to maintain the integrity of the cave or mine will likely lead to accidents that could have been prevented.

The risks of being a motorcyclist in today's world

While riding a motorcycle can be thrilling at the best of times, riders also know that there's an incredible risk of injury. Motorcyclists are at risk from the moment they get on the roads until they're back at home. Drivers are less likely to see them, more likely to misjudge distances between them and a motorcyclist, and to cause a collision.

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