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September 2016 Archives

Fatal bus crash leaves over 40 injured, 4 dead

If you've ever been in a collision, you know that the pain and trauma of the situation can be overwhelming. When multiple people are involved, it can quickly become a scene of devastation for parents, children and others who come to help the victims of the crash.

What kinds of workplace hazards are there?

Workplaces have a responsibility to protect workers from harm. That means reducing the probability of workers coming into contact with dangerous or hazardous substances, materials and equipment. If you're injured at work because your employer doesn't take safety seriously, you may be entitled to workers' compensation and other benefits as a result of your injuries.

Seek compensation following a workplace accident on scaffolding

Scaffolding is used in construction often; it's estimated that around 65 percent of those in the construction industry use scaffolding regularly. Scaffolding-related accidents can cause serious harm or death, so it's important for safety protocols to be used in the workplace.

Zoning Ordinances and Burdens of Proof

What happens when you would like to use your property for a use isn't permitted under your current zoning restrictions? A recent case from the North Carolina Court of Appeals walks through the process, and clarifies the duties of zoning commissions and the burdens of proof for people that applying for conditional use permits. In Dellinger v. Lincoln County,1 the Dellingers owned a 54 acre tract of land in Lincoln County on part of which Strata Solar, LLC wanted to operate a solar power facility. However, the land was zoned as residential-single family use. In order to get permission for the solar facility, the Dellingers and Strata Solar applied for a conditional use permit with the Lincoln County Planning Board. The planning board then sent the application to the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, who held a series of quasi-judicial proceedings. After a series of denials and appeals, the Board denied the conditional use permit because one Commissioner found that Strata Solar did not prove its case beyond a doubt, and because the Commissioners found that [a]lthough [Strata Solar] did meet its burden of production and provided evidence as to this element, we found the evidence unpersuasive.

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