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New program launches to reduce fatalities on the roads

North Carolina has launched a new program called NC Vision Zero to help eliminate deaths as a result of traffic accidents on the roads in the state. An Oct. 5 news release from Equipment World reports that the goal of the program is to educate agencies about the dangers on the roads, to add enforcement to the roads and to engineer safer roads overall.

The first priority of the initiative is to reduce the number of fatalities on the roads in North Carolina, as well as the number of injuries, by half within the next 15 years. The end goal would be to reach a point where no deaths would occur, which would prevent people like yourself from having to miss work, file lawsuits or worry about insurance claims in the event of an injury-causing crash or fatal collision.

The plan has several initiatives, which are labeled the five "Es". These include educating the people of North Carolina about driving through driving education programs and public outreach. This includes well-known programs like Click It or Ticket or Booze It & Lose It.

Another "E" stands for enforcement, which aims to enforce traffic laws to reduce risky behaviors over time. With better enforcement programs, fewer drivers will take the risk of being pulled over. Next, the goal is to engineer better roads and vehicles to prevent crashes, eliminating the risk of human error. This is followed by emergency response, which aims to reduce the severity of injuries by providing a rapid response to crash victims. Finally, the last goal, everyone, reminds people that everyone has the responsibility of keeping the people on the roads in North Carolina safe by making good decisions, following the traffic laws of the state and advocating for safety.

Source: Equipment World, "N. Carolina launches NC Vision Zero to eliminate deaths on roadways," Chris Hill, Oct. 05, 2016

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