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March 2017 Archives

Here's what to do if your vehicle hydroplanes

Hydroplaning is scary even when you're traveling at slow speeds. Imagine traveling on a highway and hydroplaning; there would be a risk of going off the road, passing into the path of other traffic and crashing. This is particularly dangerous if the vehicle hydroplaning is a truck.

Workers' compensation is there for your benefit

Normally, when you file for workers' compensation, you do so knowing that you cannot take your employer to court. In exchange for not going to court, workers' compensation provides you with benefits like compensation for lost wages and medical payments. Most employees have workers' compensation coverage automatically, which means your employer is unable to be sued. That doesn't mean you can't file a civil lawsuit against someone, though, if a third-party caused your injuries.

You can stand up for your right to compensation after a crash

You never thought it would happen to you, but it has. You were driving down the road when a drunk driver veered into your path. You never even saw him coming, it all happened so quickly. Now, you're injured and facing thousands in medical bills. You're not alone.

Workplace fatalities: A breakdown of 2015

Workplace fatalities are always tragic. The loss of life is nothing to ignore, and families, friends and coworkers are all affected. Hazardous workplaces put employees at risk. Even in dangerous positions, employees deserve to be kept as safe as possible to avoid unnecessary risks.

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