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September 2017 Archives

Drones improving accident investigation

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a shocking, overwhelming and life-changing event. No one expects that a negligent driver will collide with them, and victims certainly do not anticipate that they will after to deal with the aftermath of a crash. Thus, the resulting pain and suffering as well as damages can be extensive. Filing a personal injury claim could help a victim recover compensation; however, such an action is based on evidence collected during and after the investigation of the collision.

Helping you seek compensation after a motorcycle accident

For North Carolina residents, it is fairly common to see motorcyclists traveling on the roadways year round. Because of this, motorists expect to share the road with bikers. Even if a driver is used to traveling next to or near a motorcyclist, this does not always mean they are fully aware of those traveling in the area. Because of their small size, it can be difficult to see a motorcyclist. Failing to check mirrors and blind spots could result in a serious or even fatal motorcycle crash.

Dangers of truck driver burnout

Some jobs require one to work long hours. Most residents in North Carolina and elsewhere think of doctors and factory workers when they think of long work hours, but every day, overworked truck drivers take to the road. Whether it is the start of their shift or the end of their workweek, truck drivers log hundreds of miles a day. Thus, there is an ongoing concern regarding trucker fatigue across the nation.

Three family member perish in a North Carolina car crash

Driving a motor vehicle can seem like a simple activity. While it is rather routine for some residents in North Carolina, it is an activity that requires attention and a duty of care to be upheld. Today, technology and social media are important factors in most people's lives; however, these need to take the back seat when a motorist is operating a motor vehicle. Nonetheless, many drivers are compelled by these distractions, causing inattentiveness and negligence behind the wheel.

Helping you assert your rights following an automobile collision

For the most part, most residents in North Carolina own and operate a motor vehicle. While some may view this as a luxury, to many this is a necessity in life. Although motor vehicles are fairly reliable and provide the ability to transport individuals safely to one destination to the next, motor vehicles are also prone to encountering and causing many risks and dangers on the roadways. If a driver is negligent, distracted, reckless or intoxicated, this indicates a failure to uphold the duty to drive safe. It also signifies a perfect environment for a collision.

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