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Dangers of truck driver burnout

Some jobs require one to work long hours. Most residents in North Carolina and elsewhere think of doctors and factory workers when they think of long work hours, but every day, overworked truck drivers take to the road. Whether it is the start of their shift or the end of their workweek, truck drivers log hundreds of miles a day. Thus, there is an ongoing concern regarding trucker fatigue across the nation.

While tired truck drivers are dangerous. Another growing concern is their exhaustion level. Even if they do get enough sleep, exhaustion or burn out could be just as dangerous as fatigue.

Studies have shown that a burnout is difficult to overcome. Because it is not something a good night sleep can overcome. While feeling exhausted at the end of a workday is common, if a truck driver is feeling exhausted at the beginning of his or her shift, this signifies a larger issue that not only affects the driver's personal life, but also work life.

A burnt out truck driver tends to distance him or herself from their job, interfering with their judgments at work. It can also muddy the water when it comes to having confidence in abilities and skills. As a result, the symptoms of burn out are harmful to the driver, but to any motorist he or she might encounter while working.

If a truck driver is burned out and fails to take the time to care for his or her wellbeing or a trucking company fails to notice current employees exhibiting signs of being burned out, this could be a risky situation. Therefore, in the event of a truck accident, it is important to consider the full spectrum of causes.

If a truck driver is burned out, this could give liability. A personal injury claim could help a truck accident victim hold a negligent party accountable, while also helping with the recovery of compensation.

Source:, "Driver burnout: It's not just about being tired," Larry Kahaner, May 15, 2017

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