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Drones improving accident investigation

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a shocking, overwhelming and life-changing event. No one expects that a negligent driver will collide with them, and victims certainly do not anticipate that they will after to deal with the aftermath of a crash. Thus, the resulting pain and suffering as well as damages can be extensive. Filing a personal injury claim could help a victim recover compensation; however, such an action is based on evidence collected during and after the investigation of the collision.

Accident investigation is a crucial step following a car crash; however, many victims are left waiting to understand what caused the crash because this process can be lengthy and extensive. Because of that, the North Carolina transportation department has recommended the use of technology to dramatically reduce investigation time. According to a recent study, it was found that the NCDOT seeks to use drones to expedite the investigation of traffic accidents occurring in the state.

Base don this study, three types of unmanned aircraft systems were tested, all of them ranging in accuracy and affordability. All three drones tested proved effective with regards to recording and analyzing a staged crash in under 25 minutes. This is a significant improvement when compared to the traditional laser methods that typically take up to almost 2 hours to complete.

Because the data produced by the drones are easy to read, providing accurate maps of the collision site, it is recommended that this technology is used not only for a safe, effective and timely investigation but also for its ability to clear the accident site sooner and restore the traffic flow.

When individuals are involved in a traffic accident, victims seek to understand the cause of the crash and who is liable. Filing for compensation relied on this information because it can ascertain what caused the crash and who is liable. Therefore, improvement sin the investigation phase could help accident victims recover the compensation they need to offset the damages and losses caused by the crash.

Source:, "Drones four times faster at scanning car crashes than old methods," Kate Roddy, Sept. 18, 2017

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