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October 2017 Archives

How common is distracted driving?

For most motorists, it is difficult to get by without some form of technology in the vehicle. This is especially true if a person is driving a newer vehicle or owns a smartphone. Although it is dangerous to use a phone while operating a vehicle, many motorists cannot help themselves. Cell phone usage is the most common culprit of distracted driving today, causing a higher risk of accident involvement for these motorists. However, distracted driving not only puts a driver and their passengers at risk, but also risks the lives of other travelers on the roadway. Because of that, many efforts are made to reduce these types of motor vehicle accidents.

Taking action against unsafe work conditions

Whether you have been employed for a long time or not, employees in North Carolina and elsewhere expect certain level of care and consideration in the work environment. In other words, employees assume that they are working under safe working conditions in a safe work environment; however, this is not always the case. No matter the industry, ad employee could encounter unsafe work conditions.

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