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What you can do to protect loved ones from nursing home abuse?

The way North Carolina nursing home residents are treated has a significant impact on the quality of their lives. The selection of a long-term care facility often is a family decision based on several factors. The living environment, available medical services, caregivers' attitudes and costs are considered.

Relatives dealing with North Carolina nursing home neglect

Adult children cannot stay with parents in North Carolina long-term care facilities 24 hours a day. That doesn't mean concerns disappear when visiting times end. It's natural to be worried about the care a loved one receives, particularly when a parent's awareness or communication skills are limited.

Nursing home neglect: Worse than you think

You have every reason to be concerned about the care a loved one receives in a North Carolina health care facility. Although many medical professionals are highly trained and deeply dedicated to their work, no one is more concerned about your relative's well-being than you and your family.

Electrocution Injuries While At Work

Electrocution injuries in North Carolina can happen in most any job atmosphere. In fact, when an individual is injured as a result of electrocution it most often happens while they are at work. These cases generally happen where an individual is doing some type of job near a power source, like a power line or cable box. You do not have to be an electrician to suffer from an electrocution injury. Such accidents frequently happen with electrical work repair, at construction sites, near downed power lines or just during routine maintenance, or after there has been some sort of natural disaster like a hurricane.

Repetitive stress injuries in Raleigh work environments

At-work injuries can be the result of immediate harm, like a concussion after a fall on a slippery floor or the loss of a limb in a machine-related accident. Many employees may not realize repetitive stress injuries also affect a significant number of Raleigh workers. RSIs, musculoskeletal disorders that develop over time, are common job-related complaints.

Automobile Liability Insurance - 'Arising out of'

In Integon National Insurance v. Helping Hands, a hospice patient was transported from the hospital to her residence for palliative care by a Helping Hands van. Upon arrival at the patient's home, the patient was unloaded from the van, transferred to a wheelchair, and taken up the porch steps by the driver of the van. While the patient was being transported up the porch steps she sustained a gash on her leg. The patient passed away two days later.

How to Value a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

If you have been injured through the negligence of another person, valuing your claim can be difficult, especially if your injury is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Unlike broken bones that can be revealed in x-rays, not all traumatic brain injuries reveal themselves in radiographic studies. The consequences of traumatic brain injury are significant. People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries often lose motor skills, cognitive skills, and can experience difficulty in expressing their thoughts. Such disabilities can prevent them from performing their normal daily activities and can hinder their ability to work. Often, in extreme cases, experienced attorneys enlist the help of experts to develop a life care plan for those who have experienced serious traumatic brain injuries. Many brain-injured patients cannot perform normal daily functions without the help of others, so assistant care may be required. Life Care Plan Experts can help evaluate what the patient's future needs and quantify the cost for such health care.

Is partial fault a factor in Raleigh premises liability claims?

Customer safety is a concern whether you own, operate, lease or maintain a Raleigh business. Business owners are motivated to provide a positive experience for customers and other visitors. However, property owners and operators also have a legal obligation to care about the safety of others.

How can Raleigh property owners prevent slip-and-fall accidents?

North Carolina employers create safety plans to prevent workers from getting injured on the job. The welfare of non-employees who enter a commercial property -- customers, suppliers and other business people -- also must be considered. Property owners and operators are required to maintain reasonably safe conditions to prevent accidents among visitors.

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