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Dangers of truck driver burnout

Some jobs require one to work long hours. Most residents in North Carolina and elsewhere think of doctors and factory workers when they think of long work hours, but every day, overworked truck drivers take to the road. Whether it is the start of their shift or the end of their workweek, truck drivers log hundreds of miles a day. Thus, there is an ongoing concern regarding trucker fatigue across the nation.

Fiat Chrysler to recall over 1.25 million Ram trucks for bad code

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV announced today that it plans to recall nearly 1.28 million Ram pickup trucks in North America and beyond. The issue is erroneous computer code that could cause the seat belts to slacken and the side airbag to become disabled during a rollover crash. It has received reports of two injuries and one death possibly related to the problem.

ATRI says autonomous trucks, HOS are fertile areas for research

What are the most important areas of research are in the transportation industry? Decisions about research are decisions about policy, so it's important to have a fair understanding of what is being studied.

Here's what to do if your vehicle hydroplanes

Hydroplaning is scary even when you're traveling at slow speeds. Imagine traveling on a highway and hydroplaning; there would be a risk of going off the road, passing into the path of other traffic and crashing. This is particularly dangerous if the vehicle hydroplaning is a truck.

Overturned tractor trailer collision leads to backed up traffic

A tractor trailer that overturned on Dec. 13 left hundreds of people in backed up traffic across Interstate 64. According to the news story, the westbound lanes of the highway had to be shut down for several hours while the morning accident was cleared.

A settlement can be a good option after a truck accident

If you're trying to obtain a settlement after a trucking accident, there are a few things that you should expect to have happen. When you're working with your attorney you may find that you can work toward or are presented with a settlement option instead of having to go to court for a trial. The manner in which the settlement comes about can vary.

Fatal bus crash leaves over 40 injured, 4 dead

If you've ever been in a collision, you know that the pain and trauma of the situation can be overwhelming. When multiple people are involved, it can quickly become a scene of devastation for parents, children and others who come to help the victims of the crash.

Suicidal man causes serious collision on Highway 280

Sometimes people make bad choices that impact the people around them without considering the implications. For instance, if a driver gets behind the wheel while drunk, he or she might not be thinking about what would happen if he gets into an accident. The same is true in this case involving a man who must have been depressed at the time of the accident.

1 killed in accident caused by alleged drunk driver

When drivers aren't paying attention to the road or get behind the wheel while intoxicated, they put everyone else, as well as themselves, at risk of injuries or death. When you're in a collision caused by one of these drivers, you can work with your attorney to file a personal injury claim for your lost wages, medical costs and other financial losses.

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