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I have a workers' compensation claim. Can they force me to come back to work?

It's your body, and you are the only one who knows what it feels like.  Just because your employer, or even a doctor, says that you are ready to return to work, doesn't always mean that you are.  Sometimes, doctors can get it wrong just like the rest of us.

Workers' compensation claim denied - now what?

We get the question all the time - "If I was hurt at work, how can they deny my claim?"  The answer is that the insurance company can choose to deny your claim for any reason, or no reason at all.  Often, we see insurance companies quickly deny a claim in the hopes that an injured worker who is unfamiliar with the process won't know that a denial is not the end of the road for their claim.  For us, it's often where a case begins. 

Should I accept a settlement offer from the workers' compensation insurance company?

If you have recently been injured in a workplace accident, you have probably been speaking with an employee of an insurance company called an adjuster.  In most cases, you will not be dealing directly with your employer.  Most companies purchase workers' compensation insurance just like you and I purchase our car insurance, and for the same reason: if something bad happens and money needs to be paid, it won't have to come directly out of our pockets -- the insurance company takes care of it.

Workers' compensation is there for your benefit

Normally, when you file for workers' compensation, you do so knowing that you cannot take your employer to court. In exchange for not going to court, workers' compensation provides you with benefits like compensation for lost wages and medical payments. Most employees have workers' compensation coverage automatically, which means your employer is unable to be sued. That doesn't mean you can't file a civil lawsuit against someone, though, if a third-party caused your injuries.

Why do employers need to carry workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation insurance helps protect employees. The insurance covers things like the loss of limbs, illnesses, injuries caused at work due to strain or repetitive motions, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, death, medical treatment and liability coverage against lawsuits. For businesses with employees, this can be one more expense that seems unnecessary, but it is required by law and protects employers from lawsuits. Every state except for Texas requires employers to carry workers' compensation insurance either through the state or a private insurer.

My workers' compensation claim was accepted, but now I'm having other medical problems and the insurance company refuses to provide medical treatment

Our bodies are complicated machines, and just like any other machine, all of the parts work together.  When one part suffers an injury, it's common for other parts to become damaged as a result.  Your body might have to compensate for the injury in a way that causes you pain or other symptoms later on, and you may not even realize that those symptoms are related to your workplace injury.  For example, an injury to your knee or ankle may affect the way you walk or stand, which can throw your body out of its normal alignment and cause you back problems.  An injury to one arm might cause the other arm to become injured because you are having to use it so much more and it is overworked.  Sometimes, these new injuries or symptoms can be so bad that you can no longer keep working, even if your original injury didn't keep you out of work.

Keep these tips in mind after you get hurt at work

When you want to file a workers' compensation claim, you need to know the steps. Some injuries are major enough to draw your employer's attention, so he or she will already be aware of the incident. If not, it's important to inform him or her after you seek medical assistance. The most important thing is to get medical help, so you can begin to recover.

Does a workers' compensation plan have limits?

Workers' compensation is an important safety net for workers who get hurt on the job. Employers must purchase it to make sure workers have the compensation necessary to seek medical care and to obtain benefits in the case of injury. What's important to understand is that there are limits to a workers' compensation policy, just as there are with car insurance plans or other types of insurance.

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