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3 killed at construction job, at least 4 companies face the blame

Working in construction has never been easy, and it's rarely the safest job you can have. Despite that, there are ways that employers can help make the job safer for workers. Following regulations and safety procedures is vital, especially when workers are high above ground level, in a hazardous position or otherwise near dangerous machinery or equipment. If you're hurt on the job when you're working because of safety violations, your attorney may discuss the option of workers' compensation and other forms as well.

The families of these men may be in a position like yours. In 2015, the collapse of scaffolding elements led to the deaths of three men working at the construction site. The three workers had been up several stories as they dismantled a mast climber when the exterior lift system failed and collapsed. This resulted in all three men dying; two were 33, and one was 41. Each man had family who was left behind.

Attorneys have claimed that there were four companies involved in the men's wrongful deaths. Those companies include Klimer Plaforms Inc. based out of Canada, Choate Construction Company based out of Georgia, Klimer Platforms Ltd. located in Delaware, and the Associated Scaffolding Company Inc. Each of these companies should have been aware of the protocols for inspecting, building and operating scaffolding and associated machinery. The protocols were allegedly not followed, leading to the accident.

Associated Scaffolding has been charged over $150,000 following findings that company workers weren't following manufacturer recommendations when tying the scaffolding to the building they were working on. They put too much weight on the scaffolding when it was being dismantled, leading to the collapse. The company disagrees with this allegation, and it stated that it will be appealing to the Occupational Safety and Health board.

Source: The News & Observer, "Companies involved in fatal Raleigh scaffolding accident face lawsuit," Paul A. Specht, Jan. 07, 2016

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