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March 2016 Archives

Employee killed during excavation in North Carolina

As an employee who works on the highway and roadways, it's important that you're kept safe from multiple potentially deadly risks. Normally, you wear bright, identifying vests, you mark the road with cones, and drivers are made aware of the construction site well in advance. Sometimes, drivers don't pay attention, though, and that puts your life at risk when you've only been doing your job.

Workplace death counts not accurate in North Carolina

As someone who has lost a loved one in a work-related accident, finding out that his or her death isn't being investigated or hasn't been accounted for can be a devastating blow. It's important that you get the closure you need and know that the reason the accident took place is being corrected.

Hold trucking companies liable for your injuries

If you're hurt because a truck driver is too tired or not paying attention to the road, you deserve to file a lawsuit and claim for compensation. It's only fair that you are compensated for the other party's negligence and the pain and suffering you've been put through.

Heron Bay Acquisition, LLC v. United Metal Finishing, Inc. - Dismissal of UDTPA Claim

In a court of appeals decision filed February 16, 2016, Heron Bay Acquisition, LLC v. United Metal Finishing, Inc., Heron appealed the trial court's summary judgment order dismissing his Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices Act (UDTPA) claim.

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